Community Involvement

TeamSoft's culture of giving back to our community is a reflection of our consultants.  We support our consultants' participation in chartiable endeavors and are proud to help numerous causes and non-pofit organizations. 

TeamSoft's Charitable Giving Committee (TCGC) 

The TCGC was created in 2010 to bring our consultants together and brainstorm creative ways to help those in need. The committee meets every month to plan, organize, and come up with fun ways to get everyone in the company involved in giving back to the community. In order for us to include everyone in this effort, we like to tie our TCGC endeavors to our company events. We also like to receive ideas and creativity from our consultants for what type of events we should contribute to. We encourage our consultants to become involved in TCGC and to be champions of causes they are passionate about so we can spread our impact across the community!

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 Updated TCGC Logos 7 8 2014


 Sharing Wishes

sharingwisheslogoSharing Wishes is a partnership between the TeamSoft Charitable Giving Committee (TCGC) and The Family Stabilization Program (FSP).  The FSP is a voluntary program for families who are leaving The Salvation Army shelter and families in the community who are trying to avoid eviction or homelessness.  The program offers education and case management with the goal of helping families maintain housing for at least one year.  Thus far, over 80 percent of the families that have completed the FSP have accomplished this goal! 

While the FSP addresses the basic needs and skill-building resources that families need to maintain housing, Sharing Wishes has a vision of making available other resources to strengthen the fabric of these families and their homes.  We've asked FSP families to create seasonal wish lists that might include fun or enriching children's activities, resources to empower the family, assistance with unforeseen life events, and/or every day or seasonal items.  TeamSoft's ability to donate new or gently used items not only allows FSP families to extend their tight budgets, but to also wish for desired items outside of basic necessities.

Since we rolled out Sharing Wishes in 2011, our generous TeamSoft consultants have donated a wide variety of items to satisfy the FSP families' wishes.  To-date, donations have included almost 1,800 items totaling nearly $17,000.

Check out our Sharing Wishes Holiday Wish List 2014 to see what we are doing and how you can get involved. 


Charitable Event Participation Program

Each year consultants (including subcontractors!) can apply for up to $50 to fund things such as entry fees for charitable events or matching donations to charitable organizations of their choice.  Through this program the TCGC has assisted consultants in their participation and support of organizations such as the National MS Society, the Alzheimer's Association, March of Dimes, NAMI, A Fund for Women, InHealth Community Wellness Clinic, Paws for Piper, Movember and more.


Natural Disaster Program

Every year we have funds set aside to help aid the devastation that can occur due to Mother Nature's floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, etc.  The TCGC reserves a portion of our annual budget to assist those affected by natural disasters in the locations where TeamSoft does business.  To help as many people as possible, all donations are made to the local charitable organizations providing relief efforts.  We recognize that recovery efforts extend beyond the first few weeks of a disaster, and so, we also support ongoing recovery efforts for out-of-area disasters.  In the past few years we have donated $1,790 to assist the earthquake victims in Haiti, gave $1,100 to help the families devastated by the Alabama and Missouri spring 2012 tornadoes and $1,000 to assist with East coast recovery after Hurricane Sandy. 


United Way Campaign

TeamSoft has been a proud supporter of the United Way since 2001.  Our campaigns are fun and have involved raffles, brat sales, incentives and more!  We educate our consultants on the many ways our donations make a difference: Our dollars provide skills training to disabled individuals, case management to families, tutoring to children, lock changing services for victims of domestic abuse, CPR/emergency procedure training, and much, much more!

In 2012, we raised $5,766 by coordinating a raffle where the prizes were goods and services donated by our own employees; the top prizes included scuba diving certification lessons and a date night package with free babysitting.  In 2013, we focused our United Way campaign on WAGS, an organization devoted to improving quality of life for people with physical disabilities through partnerships with highly-skilled service dogs.  During that time, were able to raise over $8,000!  We are excited to keep aiming higher every year.


Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund

Since 2010, TeamSoft consultants and their families bowled to help raise money for the Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund.  The TCGC pledged to donate $10 per strike and $5 per spare from each lane's best game, up to $1,000.  With stellar bowlers in attendance, reaching that $1,000 goal has not been a problem.  But that's not all: Through a unique matching fund through the State of Wisconsin, all donations to the KWWF were matched two to one!  This equated to a $3,000 impact which helped many in our state keep the heat and electricity on during the winter.  hatsandmittens

In 2011 we also had a warm clothing drive and were able to bring 49 hats, 35 pairs of gloves, 11 pairs of socks, 3 jackets, and more to The Salvation Army's Homeless Shelter. 

This event originated in 2010 when the TCGC donated $925 to the Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund in a similar event and the State of Wisconsin matched our donation.  In a thank you letter from the KWWF, we learned that nine families were able to keep their heat and power going during the winter due to our donation.  The Salvation Army called our donation of jackets, mittens and hats a "miracle" that year.  It was right before a weekend where the temperatures were dropping and they didn't have enough warm gear for everyone staying in shelter.  The Salvation Army sent a representative to the TeamSoft office to pick up the donation and the items were distributed right away.  After hearing how needed this help was, the TCGC voted to run this event annually.


American Cancer Society Run/Walk

Since 2007, TeamSoft has brought family and friends together to fight for a cure for cancer.  TeamSoft has also been a proud sponsor of this event for the past several years, which means our logo is proudly displayed on the run/walk T-shirts.  In 2011 our team, Team Sconnie Snow raised $1,419.00 in donations!  Our team captain organized fun, Sunrise Espresso Salute fundraising events that contributed to this success.  In 2012 our team name was Team Hope and together we raised $1,535.00!  The TCGC offered prizes to the top three fundraisers as extra motivation to reach our goals.  Last year, our Team Happy Feet raised $1,718.00, which was the most we have ever raised!  The top fundraiser was awarded a scuba certification donated by one of our own TeamSoft consultants. 


UW American Family Children's Hospital

img carepageslogoIn 2007, TeamSoft launched a relationship with the UW American Family Children’s Hospital (UWAFCH) by assuming sponsorship of a special program called CarePages. CarePages is a free, easy-to-use Web site that helps family and friends communicate when a child is receiving care at the Hospital. CarePages help parents create a Web meeting place where news and photos are shared. In turn, CarePages allows visitors to leave messages for the patient and family.

CarePages help reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with the hospital experience, and give families an emotional lift that is hard to deliver in any other way. Parents and patients receive support from family and friends during their time of need, and feel more connected to others and less separated from the world. TeamSoft provided all the new laptop computers for the program. These laptops can be checked out by families during their stay at the hospital.


The TeamSoft Grant

The TeamSoft Grant provides a formal process for the TCGC to distribute help to various organizations and causes that our employees support.   

In an effort to direct funds for the greatest impact, grant requests that use technology to further the purpose/goal of an organization are given priority; other areas of focus include environmental sustainability efforts, addressing key health issues, sustaining civic and cultural institutions, promoting women and people of color, as well as other aspects of diversity. 


In lieu of Client Gifts

TeamSoft is conscious of the fact that so many non-profits struggle to fulfill their mission of serving the less fortunate.  With this fact in the forefront of our minds, we make donations to the following organizations in lieu of client holiday gifts and treats:

  • River Food Pantry
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin
  • Meals on Wheels


IT Youth Scholarship Program

TeamSoft has always taken the opportunity to encourage young people to delve into the latest and greatest technology.  We believe that exposure to technology at a young age fosters resourcefulness, creative thinking and problem solving.  Maintaining this belief, TeamSoft works with ID Tech Camp at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to help fund 1 tech scholarship for 1 child, between the ages of 7 – 18, every year.  Each scholarship entails a week long summer camp containing a class centered on making use of 21st century-relevant technology.  TeamSoft's involvement ensures that food and transportation to the class are provided for the duration of the week long camp.  Overall, we like to support youth involvement in the IT field, but it's an absolute plus when we are able to help offset the scarcity of women in the IT field.  Fortunately, this past year, a scholarship went to a young girl involved in our Sharing Wishes program.


hamburgerhelpersConsultant/Employee Champions

We have consultants that step up to be champions for causes that are close to their hearts.  As a champion, consultants become the spokesperson for their cause and let the TCGC know about it and ways we can get the company involved.  We've had champions for:

  • pet beds, food & toy drive for a local humane society
  • HOPES (Helping Others Prevent and Educate Against Suicide)
  • gift by re-gifting drive for the women of the YWCA
  • March Madness Clothing Drive
  • donation of 100 flash drives to a community center's job mentoring program
  • highly successful Hamburger Helper food drive that resulted in 300 boxes for the Second Harvest Food Bank
  • we've also supported the Pedal for the House Charity Bike Ride benefiting the Ronald McDonald House for many years


To learn more about TeamSoft's charitable endeavors or to get involved, contact the TeamSoft Charitable Giving Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..