Consultant Quotes

"From day one, I've felt like I was among friends. Everybody has been so nice! I am so happy and proud to be a part of the TeamSoft 'family'." -Laura, TeamSoft Project Leader/Business Analyst

"TeamSoft really makes a person feel valued and part of a team. Everyone there has been a class act from day one." -Jesse, TeamSoft Project Coordinator

"I have a favorable impression of TeamSoft and the relationship is good; if and when I come back to consulting I would talk to TeamSoft again. I appreciate that you guys are an in-tune, local company with a local market. Generally, I like your ability to get me a job quickly when I need one because I'm not a traditional member of the workforce." -Former TeamSoft Consultant

"Everyone at TeamSoft was very positive and friendly. You guys bent over backwards to answer my questions." -Former TeamSoft Consultant

"I enjoyed the way the company is managed from the charitable events to 401k. It felt like I was at a regular company instead of a contracting company, and it definitely was better managed than other contracting companies." -Former TeamSoft Consultant

"It's been really easy to work with TeamSoft. My Account Manager walked me into the building on the first day. You guys represented me well. It felt you guys were there for me and took care of me, which was different from other companies I've worked for." -Former TeamSoft Consultant

"I like all of you guys in the office. You are all really great and on top of things. The second thing is I love your community involvement." -Former TeamSoft Consultant

"I am proud that TeamSoft works hard to be a good corporate citizen." -Jon, TeamSoft Natural/Adabas Developer

"I feel TeamSoft genuinely cares about their consultants." -Rich, TeamSoft PMO Project Manager

"TeamSoft seems to have a good reputation in hiring quality consultants." -Tom, TeamSoft Infrastructure Project Manager

"TeamSoft is interactive, friendly and professional with consultants. They have a lot of non-work activities like happy hours and parties to involve and interact with consultants along with their families. Thank you for providing all the needed help from an HR perspective!" -Kushagra, TeamSoft Senior Java Developer

"You all are very organized and really know what you are doing. The HR department is top notch. I’ve worked with other HR professionals that really lacked an understanding of the policies and benefits and they usually could not help me when I had questions. I love the community involvement and willingness to donate time and money." -Tracy, TeamSoft PMO Project Manager

"I like that TeamSoft continually looks for new ways to inspire the masses. In particular, the TeamSoft Wellness Plan spurs people to focus on personal growth and maintenance more than would otherwise be attained. Also, despite TeamSoft growing to numbers so large that companies become increasing impersonal, TeamSoft has managed to stay connected to the individuals that make up the business. We are not a number or statistic to the company, which is always a nice thing to be able to say!” -Bill, TeamSoft .NET Developer

"Both my wife and I look forward to reading the monthly newsletter when it arrives in the mailbox. We both find it helps us engage the TeamSoft family." -Patrick, TeamSoft .NET Developer

"I am more than pleased with my interactions with the TeamSoft staff. I am impressed with
the excellent follow-thru and professionalism." -TeamSoft Business Analyst in Madison, WI

"The company cares about more than just profits by providing 401(K) to its employees and giving
money to worthy causes." -Ed, TeamSoft Business Analyst

"What I like most about TeamSoft is the holiday parties... Great Job. In all seriousness, I very much appreciate the newsletters and updates that TeamSoft provides. It helps all of us stay cohesive as a team even though we all may work at different sites." -Kathryn, TeamSoft CA7 Scheduler

"What I like most about TeamSoft is the nice combination of working for a smaller, local business, while still supporting a much larger client. I get the personal touch on the one hand, but also the exposure to the kinds of interesting projects that you can only get working within a large company."  -Eric, TeamSoft Technical Writer

"I have felt very engaged and appreciated since joining the company.  I love the willingness of the staff to help me whenever I have an issue."  -Julie, TeamSoft Data Warehouse Consultant

"I really appreciated TeamSoft's efforts to build a strong culture of doing the right thing for the client, contributing to the community, recognition, open communication, and fun." -Former TeamSoft Consultant

"I feel happy to work for a reputable and ethical company."  -Suresh, TeamSoft Java Developer

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