Selection Process

Unsurpassed qualification and placement methodology

TeamSoft employs a rigorous qualification process few companies can match. As a result, we’re able to deliver better qualified candidates, including difficult-to-find professionals with multi-functional skills and experience.

Our highly selective process entails:

  1. Initial interview – TeamSoft recruiter conducts initial interview to assess candidacy.
  2. Technical assessment – Viable candidates undergo an in-depth technical skills interview conducted by an experienced TeamSoft consultant who evaluates the candidate’s level of proficiency.
  3. Interpersonal & behavioral review – One of TeamSoft’s three owners interviews the candidate to determine if they have the ideal combination of technical, interpersonal, and behavioral skills required to join our team.
  4. Background check – The candidate must then pass a thorough background and reference check.
  5. Precision matching – Once a candidate successfully completes the four qualification steps, they are matched with opportunities that align with their technical abilities, experience, and interpersonal skills.

This exhaustive qualification process allows TeamSoft to limit submittals to a select few, ideally matched candidates for each requisition, saving clients significant time and energy evaluating less suited candidates.

Dynamic, service-oriented staff

TeamSoft’s recruitment and delivery staff is made up of dedicated professionals who go the extra mile to identify and deliver the best resources for each opening. We have made quality, responsiveness and integrity the hallmarks of our customer service approach, putting the needs of our clients and candidates at the heart of everything we do. Our fully collaborative approach ensures we work together to quickly and effectively meet client needs.

We’re in it for the long term

Our goal is to build valued relationships with our clients. We take a long-term approach to developing partnerships and invest the time to get to know each client, their objectives, business environment, IT initiatives, and pain points. From there, we work hard to earn their trust and keep their business. We are committed to uncompromising business integrity and maintain the very highest standards of professionalism, fairness, and honesty. This philosophy has made TeamSoft a premier IT services company that professionals want to work for and clients want to work with.


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